We have a solution for you.

From a large multilingual vendor searching for a reliable partner, to a small translation agency looking to serve the unexpected request from a valuable client, or an enterprise with plenty or absolutely no knowledge of the translation sector. We can help you.

Multilingual Providers

You need a seasoned partner with battle scars.

We have them. Since 2001 we've been the local hand to major MLPs for the Brazilian market, participating on major software localization project over these years.

Multilingual Providers have a lot on their plate. An increasingly competitive environment, growing demand for quality, reduced margins. You have to deal with more client requirements than ever and you need is a partner that can relay them to the local team with efficiency.

At Loquant, we have been through the many changes that happened in the translation and localization landscape over the last decade. If you are looking for a reliable team, let's start working together now.

At Loquant, we'll do everything to provide you with stable quality and respond to your requests in a timely manner.

If by any chance we are not able to provide what you need, we will not take your project. Period. For us, a project accepted is a project delivered.

All that with total professional ethics

All your clients are your clients, and you'll never have see a conflict of interest when working with us.

NDAs and non-compete agreements are not just more paperwork for us. We make sure to respect your business and we'll never make any offer to your clients that is not thoroughly discussed and approved by your company. We had situations before where common clients approached us for quotation, but we kindly refused it. This is rule number one for us.

And not only that: we have an operational separation between accounts as well. As you are aware of, many times a client uses different MLPs for strategic reasons, and many times there is an overlap of local partners working on the same account, but for different MLPs. When that happens, we can see conflicting instructions coming from different paths. We never let our teams interfere with each other's work, and they strictly follow your instructions and requirements, not other MLP's.

If we are requested to perform an Independent Quality Inspection, we make sure there is no account conflict. There were cases where we translated a project for one MLP and, surprisingly, were requested to perform the IQI by other MLP on the same material we translated. If that happens, we promptly refuse the request, so as to preserve the impartiality of our assessments.

Single Language Providers

You need a partner to help you grow with quality.

We share your pain and your advantage. Let's work together to alleviate one and leverage the other.

Your company is an expert on a couple of languages and is proud to deliver the best to your clients. You know you can help them with other demands, but don't have the headcount and cannot risk the overhead to assemble and manage a new team of translators for other languages.

It resonates with us. Larger companies can take more upfront risks than you, and your company doesn't want to take chances with valuable clients. We know how important it is to serve your clients well, so let's discuss a strategy to do it together.

We rely on a network of global partners to serve clients on diverse markets. If you'd like to be an active part of this network, please contact us.

At Loquant, we deal with Single Language Providers as equals, not as vendors. If that's how you think too, let's leverage our strenghts.

Enterprise Clients

You are looking for less layers between your product and translation teams.

Your company might have different translation processes. Some of them will need large providers, others will need a focused team. One size does not fit all.

Your company has global product launches that need to be coordinated by a large project management provider. But some of your products require a closer interaction with the translators.

With Loquant, you can have your hand on the translation pulse. It doesn't mean you'll have to micromanage, but that questions and feedbacks will reach you fast, leading to better problem solving.

Loquant was founded in 2001 and since then has participated on major software localization projects, from operating systems to enterprise businesse intelligence applications — all that using a variety of tools and processes according to each client's requirements.

We are flexible and will adapt our internal processes to your needs, so you can have a smooth experience. Besides, we have a team of true linguists that love what they do and are proud of delivering quality in every line.

It is all about trust.

Your business is to build the best products and manage the best teams. Translation is not your core specialty, even if you happen to manage a translation process. So you have to trust the people assigned to handle this task.

You won't be checking grammar and cultural references. So you need to make sure the professionals working on your translation follow certain steps and control their process correctly. If they don't, your global customers will let you know. Or worse: they will just walk away without saying a word.

Translate. Evaluate. Implement. Rinse and repeat.

Trust, but verify. You need to deploy an auditing process independent from your regular translation process.

We have been doing this for years, and our reports will help you steer your translation teams in the right direction.

And if you think your providers are already doing a good job, now you can be sure of it.

Different solutions for different needs.

Your company strives to make their products and services stand out from the competition. So this means you have specific linguistic requirements that need to be addressed.

We specialize in serving larger multilingual vendors that require a strong partner for Brazilian Portuguese. But we also serve clients that have experienced quality issues and need a direct relationship with their translators.

Networked for You

We rely on a global network of partners that help us deliver the best results. We collaborate with languages and skills that are complementary to our own.