This is what we do.

We translate and we verify. From simple documents to complex software localization projects, we employ best practices and tools to make sure your word is spread like you intended.

Our processes are transparent to you, and we dedicate ourselves to delivering translations on-time, on-budget, and with the quality you expect. We think it is easy — if you employ the right people, the right processes, and the right technology.

Translation Services

It is all about trust.

No matter how much you evaluate, test, and control, in the end you must trust your translators.

If you are looking for a translation provider, chances are you don't speak the languages you need — and you also need to focus on managing your core business, not grammar and syntax.

When you handle your product to a translation provider, you can set a series of verification steps to make sure you are getting what you need. But at some point, you need to trust them. With Loquant, you can be sure that your material is translated by time-tested native linguists, and that there are processes in place to minimize the risks inherent to human tasks.

We are experts in translations from and to English, and we rely on a network of partners that have the highest degree of specialization on their languages.

Be it a simple document or User Interface software files, using industry standard tools and methods or following your custom requirements, we can deliver translations at competitive prices without sacrificing the quality.

Independent Quality Inspection

Trust, but verify.

In other words: if you can measure it, you can manage it.

Translation is a human endeavor. Even if you consider Machine Translation as part of your process, you still need a real person to refine and post-edit the material so it can reach acceptable levels of quality.

That's why we offer a service dedicated to making a neutral assessment of third-party translations. When applied regularly, our Independent Quality Inspections will generate a map that you can use to evaluate if your output is converging to your requirements.

The Independent Quality Inspection is not aimed at pointing fingers at other people's work. Instead, it understands that errors are a natural result of a complex translation process, and the sooner you quantify and qualify those errors, the better for everyone.

With our data, you can provide feedback to your teams so they can adjust their work during all stages of the translation process.